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Here is a good quote for today and I’m always searching for new ones

Enjoy, like a chicken salad or cafe hash, have to be taken with blind faith or it loses its flavor..Imagination is the eye of the soul.


Any tips on relocating to another city for a job? I live near NYC and really want to get out

In no way relocated myself but my family has. Any tips on relocating to another city for a work?

Hotels and Travel in Dallas

I was type of amazed that we have singapore marina bay sands been every served marina bay singapore our possess plate for every training course. So pull in, get valeted (is that a phrase?

advice about bf and his best friend?


What curl type would you say I am? 2A?

That is my precise hair and Im questioning as nicely!

Didn’t anyone discuss the crazy that was DANA on RHoBH this week?

Even dana grudgingly admitted that brandit experienced been proper. Why does she dislike Brandi (besides getting picked as HW?

14 days of Valentines = Free Printables